Whether you are living it or trying to figure it out most of us have dreams. No matter how big or small, our dreams (at least for me) keep us going.

Since I was 18, my dream was to share our family coffee story in a new way.   Whilst growing coffee is on both sides of my family, it is my paternal grandmother and her story that has fuelled this passion.

Despite taking an intentional detour, it was through each and every morning coffee break I took during the 9 years working in the US and the City (London’s business district) that helped me eventually bring this dream alive with my mother.

We hope that enjoying our coffee takes you to your “happy place” and encourages you to dream the dream!

Here’s  a picture of mine, what’s yours?


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  1. Caroline Bader says:

    So proud of you for following your dream! You are my inspiration!

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