On Sunday 3 June 2018 Guatemala experienced its most violent volcanic eruption in over 100 years when the Volcan de Fuego erupted. The volcano erupted so quickly that over 4 villages were completely wiped out and petrified.


Currently over 1 million people have been affected. The death toll rises daily, with hundreds of people injured, and thousands of people displaced or missing.  The picture below is not a black and white photograph. It’s a full colour picture of the volcanic ash and petrification that the volcano left.


Many areas affected are communities who rely solely on the coffee industry for their livelihood, with uncertainty surrounding the repercussions post harvest. We believe we must pool all our resources to enable these communities to circumvent the burden of potential losses in order to focus on rebuilding for the future.


We set up a Go Fund Me Page to raise monies for our friends and colleagues who have been affected.  To date we have raised over £10,000.  Many of our friends, colleagues at both the mill and farms we work with in Antigua have been affected. They have lost their family, homes, or parts of their farm. Many have been impacted and we want to help them rebuild.  The other part of the monies will go to the Burnt Children Foundation of Guatemala.

We also set up some embroidered t shirts with our #AnimoGuate❤️ logo. Where all proceeds go towards the Go Fund Me page.  During San Jeronimo Miramar’s visit to the UK. they donated honey where all sales go towards the cause as well. Animo Guate

We are so touched by our community who have reached out and supported our Go Fund Me page, and/or have raised monies for the cause with their cafes.  Together we can make a greater impact. #AnimoGuate❤️

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