I am often asked what’s the trick of working with your mother.

After spending the last 3 months together, as in me living with my parents. Having survived it together, we discussed it, and agreed that 8,657.7 kilometers was a magic number for us.

It’s hard for my mom to really pinch me from so far away!

See image below.

Working With Your Mother- The Perfect Distance

All joking aside, its crucial for us to be on the ground permanently in Central America.  It allows us to keep an eye on our coffee farm, and stay in constant touch with our coffee producers.  We need to fully understand the unique challenges of each farm throughout the entire year so we can manage expectations for both farmers/roasters.  By working together we are able to optimise quality and production.

Whilst Mom is in Central America, I stay connected with the brewed coffee side of things.  It’s really important for us to be able to communicate trends with farmers, and understand our clients different flavor profiles.  This means I am drinking lots and lots of coffee to be able to best pair farmers and roasters.

Our dual locations let us link our partners together.

All this talk about distance makes me miss my Mom.

I miss you Mom!


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