I want to take a quick break from the coffee side of the harvest, and share with you one of Mother Nature’s wildest spectacles. Had you been visiting us last Tuesday, you would have seen something pretty special.

Called “The Land of Eternal Spring”, and known for its 20+ volcanoes, Guatemala currently features a few active volcanoes.

This week on the 1st of March, I saw the Volcán de Fuego (Fire Volcano) erupt again with its lava pouring down the side.  I wanted to share my excitement and my amateur photo shots of the Volcán de Fuego by day, sunset and night.

I took the picture below in the car whilst driving past the Volcán de Fuego early last Tuesday morning around 6:30am. We were on our way to visit a farm in Atitlan. The lava is not visible from the side of the road.


Volcan de Fuego- Day time

On our way back from Atitlan, the Volcán de Fuego was not visible at all.  It was really cloudy and a bit foggy. We travelled past many sugar cane fields including a large sugar mill on our journey back to Antigua.  We thought the clouds resulted by the local burning of sugar cane, and thought nothing of it.  When we got back to Antigua, we could see the Volcán de Fuego erupting with lava falling down the side.  We often see smoke clouds above the volcano, but rarely do we see burning lava shooting from the top of the volcano.

Volcan de Fuego at dusk

Here’s another photo I took of the Volcán de Fuego that evening from Antigua.  Last February (2015 ) was the first time I saw the lava oozing along the side when the volcano erupted.  This year I notice the lava reaches further down its slope.

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