#kickasslady is an underground group of women professionals in coffee. It is an excuse to meet up and connect. The idea was started by a few women working in the London coffee scene (known as the London Coffee Ladies). The London Coffee ladies had this idea over the last year and a half to bring women in our coffee community together in a positive and fun environment.


The #kickasslady group held a wine tasting during the London Coffee Festival. The tasting featured different natural wines.  It was interesting to see how wine professionals present different wines. It was a great opportunity for coffee producers, millers, roasters, baristas, to get together and chat.


#kickasslady wines

Rumours of the next event involve whiskey at the SCAE Dublin festival. If you are a #kickasslady or know one, get in touch to be added to the list.  Email  love (at) coffee-bird (dot) com.


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