Our Farm

We source our coffee from a variety of farms in Guatemala and across Central America. We provide a real connection with origin for our clients because we know our farmers personally, we spend time on their farms, and we understand their business.

Sometimes, however, there is no place like home.

Our farm, Finca Filadelfia, is made up of three different areas including Monte de Maria, Bosques de San Francisco, and a Filadelfia. This farm is where my great-great-great grandfather pioneered coffee farming in Antigua, Guatemala, and it is with deep appreciation and honour that we continue his tradition. Although we don’t enter often, we have been awarded first place twice in the Cup of Excellence.

Working our farm keeps us very connected to farm life. It also helps us foster strong relationships and creates a sense of community with the farmers we partner with.

Farmers play a critical role in the future of coffee. By working together, ensuring our production costs, margins, and retirement are accounted for; farmers play their part in ensuring a sustainable future for coffee.