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Great passion and attention to detail at every step, ensures our coffee is special. We source our coffee from a variety of farms across Guatemala, including our own. Consistent quality coffee is a dance between nature and man. The farm team needs to completely understand their farms unique microclimate and adapt with the changing weather patterns. Beyond growing healthy plants, the farm team's attention to detail in the field/wet mill/patios, raised beds and dryers ensure consistency in quality every year. 

We are involved every step: from introduction, initial and mid harvest assessment, sample and lot selection, order placement, milling, warehousing, export, shipping, quality checks, import, post harvest debrief, trend reporting and future harvest planning.

Coffee Cherries

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Part of the original Dalton family farm - the first coffee farm in Antigua.
Region: Antigua
Coffee grower: Dalton Family
Farm size: 384 hectares
Harvest: December to April
Varietals: Caturra, Bourbon, Pacamara, Villa Sarchi, Geisha, Bourbon 300,Tabi, Obata, Java, Ruirui, Maracaturra
Altitude: 1600 masl
We are enjoying San Antonio's honey processing experiments this year, and are finding that many of their coffees are scoring 86+!
Region: Huehuetenango
Coffee grower: Jorge 
Farm size: 95 hectares
Harvest: November to March
Varietals: Caturra, Bourbon, Typica
Altitude: 1432-1828 masl
We help bring talented small holders to the international market. This year we have some very exciting projects to share, including from two womens groups!
Region: Huehuetenango
Harvest: November to March
Varietals: Caturra, Pache, Arabigo, Bourbon
Altitude: 1650-1700 masl
A fourth generation family farm, the Pérez's have been growing coffee for 150 years. 
Region: Acatenango
Coffee grower: Julio 
Farm size: 62 hectares
Harvest: January to March
Varietals: Caturra, Geisha, Bourbon, Catimor, H1
Altitude: 1200-1300 masl

You might have noticed that our coffees come in amazing soft eco-conscious denim bags! These are custom made for us by The New Denim Project, who take denim scraps and waste and recycle into a zero waste fabric. During production, The New Denim Project use no chemicals, minimal water and energy. They are also perfect for repurposing into cushions, bags, aprons and more!


Looking for quality within a specific segment and price point that falls outside of our current range?

SCOUT was set up to strengthen relationships with the farms we work with, and help roasters working at different price points access great coffees that meet their budget - while still grown with our values and full traceability.

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