Coffee Bird provides a real connection for our coffee community. We know our farmers personally, we spend time on their farms, and we understand their business. We work with farmers in a way that shortens the supply chain, which enables them to innovate, invest and take care of their people. 

Started by Marta Dalton in 2011, she left a career in finance to reconnect with her coffee farming heritage, wanting to change the way coffee was traded.

Realising she couldn’t be both out on the farms and connecting with roasters, Marta’s mum Colomba joined to help find great farmers in Guatemala.

After seeing that their family farm - which is the oldest in Antigua and has won the Cup of Excellence (twice) - was struggling to connect with the international marketplace, Marta wondered how other farmers were faring. Seeing the difficulties they were facing, she felt impassioned to build a platform with one qualification for entry only - high quality coffee.​




the history of our family farm

Finca Filadelfia was the first coffee farm in Antigua, born out of a devastating recession facing farms across the country. 

Manuel Matheu (Marta & Alex's great great great grandfather) initially borrowed the land in 1864 to plant some coffee. After his first harvest, he went to London and achieved great success selling his first crop.

Upon his return, Manuel was commissioned by the President of Guatemala to show small farmers how to grow coffee. Thus, the Antigua coffee growing region was born. 

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