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Coffee Bird is a six generation coffee farming family, working on building the next generation of coffee growers in Guatemala. We help roasters connect with the right farmers for them; facilitating everything from sourcing, importing and exporting, to the creation of long lasting direct relationships.

At the heart of what we do lies a deep-rooted passion for coffee, its future and our farmers. As Cup of Excellence winning coffee farmers ourselves, we understand what it takes to grow quality.

We love our people, we love our planet, and we love our coffee.​ It's a proven combination that has produced quality coffee - we're not willing to compromise.

Every decision we make upholds our core values:



Quality underpins every coffee we select, and our relationships with the people we work with. 



Everything we do is from the heart. 

We are motivated by the passion for coffee growing, and the desire to nurture it for the next generation.



The promise of a better future for everyone, from our coffee pickers through to roasters and cafes.

Our entire community of farmers and roasters are on the same page, and we feel this is where the magic happens. It's easy to find a good cup of coffee once, but to create a framework for quality coffee year in and year out requires a lot of heart and commitment to the future - that's where Coffee Bird comes in.


We believe that doing the right thing is good for business.


We are humbled by our roaster and grower community. 

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