Marta Dalton

I'm Marta, the CEO and co-founder of Coffee Bird.


I'm the farmer/roaster matchmaker. My job is to make sure farmers and roasters connect and are both happy.


I help make the coffee magic happen!

My favourite brew method is filter. I'm really proud of all the coffees we work with and will take any of them any day.

Colomba Dalton

I'm Colomba, the co-founder of Coffee Bird.

I dedicate my time to working with our farmers, and finding new ones that produce great coffee and have similar values to us.


I orchestrate the delivery of coffee from farm to port.

I love my morning ritual of making an Aeropress, and drink my coffee black!

Alexandra Dalton

I’m Alex, and I'm dedicated to sales.

I make sure roasters work with the right farmers and are happy with their coffees!

My favourite coffee is Bosques de San Francisco on filter. Always.

Thomas Bates

I'm Thomas, and I do whatever needs doing!

As a newcomer to speciality coffee I am loving the commitment of everyone involved - not just to producing great coffee but to having a positive impact right down the supply chain.

I love an Aeropress first thing in the morning, filter to keep me going through the day and espresso any time.

Allan Mauricio Jiménez Garcia

I'm Allan, and I'm the Guatemala lab assistant!

I receive, prepare and roast samples, prep the cupping tables and help out with anything I can.

My favourite coffee is pacamara from Huehuetenango.

Carl Micheel

I’m Carl, and I'm the London lab assistant helping with sales for the German market. 

My favourite thing about speciality coffee is how it can connect people: from sharing a filter coffee with a friend at your local café to creating a close relationship between farmer and roaster. 

My brewing method changes every couple of days - this morning I used the Delter Press. 

Niall Dalton-Banks

I’m Niall and I help with sales across Europe. 

Coming from the craft chocolate industry and living across Europe studying sustainability - so I love learning about the amazing practices of the farmers we work with. 

I like to start the day with my stovetop percolator, but when I am out and about I always have a flat white!

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