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We are committed to being transparent and open about our pricing practices so that customers can make informed decisions. Updated numbers needed to reflect any changes in pricing coming soon.

Over the past four years our FOB price averaged $8.20/Kgmaterially above the $5.97/Kg
reported by our peers in the * 2019 Transaction Guide.

We've paid 37% higher prices to our farmers, far outpacing our competitors as well as the industry average in Guatemala!


Ethical Trade, the Next Wave

In a bid to promote transparency in the specialty coffee market, we've published our average costs for the 2015-2019 harvest period, which highlight that Coffee Bird's prices paid to farmers far exceed the industry average by 37% over the Guatemalan FOB price listed in the latest * Specialty Coffee Transaction Guidewhere roasters, exporters and importers have shared data on purchases of Guatemalan coffee. 

Screenshot 2020-03-03 at 18.26.57.png

FOB price comparison

Coffee Bird Costs

$5.97/KG (or $2.71/Lbs) is the mean FOB price paid for Guatemalan coffee reflected in the * 2019 Transaction Guide (Page 13) where many notable peers have contributed and shared their prices. 

Our commission is included in the cost and ranges ranges between 15-20%, with our margin decreasing with higher scores. The greater the score, the lower our margin.


Ultimately, it takes a lifetime of work to produce high quality microlots and we believe our specialty coffee growers should be commensurately rewarded for their wealth of effort.

We call on you to join us in working together to promote what will surely be a cornerstone of the Next Wave... Ethical Trade.

Do reach out with any questions and we'll be more than happy to hold those key conversations on our ethos, pricing and your objectives.

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