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A Call for Courage: we want to hear from you!

The last time I read a Mintel report about the coffee industry, it claimed that Specialty Coffee represented 1% of the total Coffee Industry. I don't think it has changed too much.

I love how many intelligent, inspiring, smart, interesting people are in the coffee industry. The industry has developed from people challenging the why and asking "Is there a better way?" Innovation in processing methods, products, brewing methods have arisen from some really dedicated and smart people who continue to raise the bar one coffee bean, one fermentation process, one turn on the patio, one brew, one roast, one grind setting at a time.

We are a tiny segment of the entire coffee pie, filled with a lot of smart and amazing people who are all so unique. I know there are a lot of you smart people doing incredible things behind the scenes.

So why does it feel that we are always hearing the same perspectives or hear the same voices in our media?  Are journalists and the media lazy and ignorant on coffee? Am not sure this is the case.

I believe that to keep moving this industry forward we need all different kinds of perspectives and voices to build the new.  Even opinions that I may not agree with because its about US, as an industry, not my ego or yours.

It takes a lot of courage to stand up and share, but please do.

Be Bold.  Dare to Make Mistakes. And Speak Up.

Quite frankly sometimes it feels like I am watching Groundhog Day on repeat....Let's get your voices heard!

And remember:

"You will never do anything in this world without courage" by Aristotle


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