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Exploring Huehuetenango

The Huehuetenango ("Huehue")  coffee region of Guatemala was made famous, in part, by Finca El Injerto's Cup of Excellence wins, and some of the world's finest coffees are grown there. It is located in the western highlands of Guatemala and is one of only three coffee regions in Guatemala that does not have volcanic soil.

We have some great relationships with farms in Huehuetenango and have been fortunate to find some really great coffees.  Below we picture some of the different landscapes we encountered during our visits to Huehuetenango over the last few weeks.

The weather in Huehuetenango this season has been a bit unusual.  Normally it will be dry, this year it has rained for three days at a time. The first photograph below is the view from our first trip this year. We couldn't really see much. The rain makes the roads quite slippery and there were a few farms we couldn't visit.  Here's a tour of Huehuetenango through some of our pictures. The tour of Huehue on the cupping table is as exciting as the scenery.

We headed back a few weeks later when the weather improved.  These were the winding roads we travelled along to visit our friend Aurelio Villatoro and his family.  We visited Finca Villaure, Finca Milagro and La Esperanza.

Panoramic view from Finca La Esperanza in Hoja Blanca.

On our way to visit some of the Caturra plants at Finca La Esperanza we came across this house.

Beauty found in Finca La Esperanza

In the last week of February, this farm in La Democracia was just starting its first picking.  The picture below shows beautiful catuai cherries.

The view from a farm in La Democracia region of Huehuetenango


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