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Behind the scenes of Square Mile's Guatemalan coffee (and our farm!)

On Wednesday 22nd of October, we were invited to Square Mile Coffee Roasters to give a behind the scenes tour of what makes their Guatemalan coffee so special.

We kicked off the night with a discussion of what QUALITY really means. We talk about perfection in coffee, but practically it means striking that perfect balance of what nature and man can bring to the table.

A Behind the Scenes discussion of what makes Square Mile's coffee so special

We reviewed the entire process from seed selection to dry milling from the perspective of quality.  We discussed each of the challenges that our coffee overcomes to obtain its delicious cup.  The delicate nature of the Arabica plant demands a lot of attention at each step.   Overcoming the vulnerabilities of the plant at each part in the process makes each cup of coffee a bit of a miracle.

From there we discussed a few of the farmers and farms that Square Mile are working with in Guatemala and discussed the unique aspects of each farm. This included understanding what farmers faced at the start of the season, their story with leaf rust, resilience and passion for coffee and their farming practices from processes to pruning.

We then had a preview of some of the new lots that will be launching soon!

You can taste their coffee all across town or buy a bag of our coffees from their website.


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