What is your minimum order?

We work with all sizes of roaster whether you require a few bags or multiple containers. Shipping rates are generally by the pallet (approx 12 bags) so buying in full pallet increments offers the best value, particularly for international shipments.

How are your coffees packaged?

Our coffees are packaged in GrainPro liners inside traditional jute sacks. GrainPro liners are tough, multi-layer plastic bags which act as barriers to gas and moisture. Tests have shown the bags extend the colour, flavour and aroma life of coffee. Each bag holds 69kg of coffee.

Do you sell “Spot” coffee?

Yes we hold a selection of coffees at our warehouse. Please contact marta@coffee-bird.com for our current offer list. Many of our clients choose to place an order with us to purchase coffee in the future (buying “Forward”). We will guide you through your options and discuss what is best for you and your business.

Where are your coffees stored?

We store our coffees at Eniti warehouse in Suffolk, UK.

Where do you deliver?

We have delivered from our UK warehouse to most European and many Asian countries, Australia and New Zealand. Wherever you are, we will work with you to find a shipping route and estimate costs and delivery times. Container sales (FOB) will be shipped directly from origin.

Can you consolidate pallets?

We are happy to work with our warehouse to combine your order in pallets with coffees from other vendors, to reduce shipping costs.

How do I obtain samples and prices?

We love to hear feedback on our coffees and provide complimentary samples. Email Marta at marta@coffee-bird.com and she will be delighted to discuss your requirements and recommend samples.

How do I place an order?

At Coffee Bird we aim to provide a personalised customer service. One of our colleagues will contact you to discuss your thoughts on the samples you have cupped, whether you would like to try further samples, what you would like to order, and when. We will then talk you through the ordering process and send you a completed order form for approval. If you have ordered from us before and are clear about what you want, just get in touch and we will arrange the paperwork.

What information will you provide us on the coffees?

We know all our farmers very well. We will supply you with information on them, their farms and coffees as standard, including beautiful photos. We are happy to provide any additional information as requested, and work together to provide you the necessary marketing materials to help you keep your customers and staff knowledgeable on the farmers, and their coffees, that you are collaborating with.

Can I visit the farms where the coffees were grown?

Of course! Colomba, our Green Coffee Director, is based in Guatemala all year round and can arrange a visit at any time. Marta, our CEO, is in Guatemala for the harvest (December to April) and will host larger groups and organise activities during this time.

I have a question

Please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you marta@coffee-bird.com