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"Ich bin ein Berliner" - John Fitzgerald Kennedy

So - I’m not a jelly donut, but thought I would play into the epic JFK address to share our first official visit to Berlin!

We were really chuffed to be invited to speak at Kaffe Campus on the 19th of September in Berlin. This was our first official speaking engagement outside the UK.

We talked about the coffee supply chain and its discontents from a farmer’s perspective. We explored the supply chain and looked at how the traditional supply chain really works. Some of our audience was surprised at the disparity between perception and reality.

I heard Peter Guiliano speak at Camp Pull-A-Shot last October. He spoke about how coffee (in the liquid form) gets romanticized. We call it a nostalgic drink (which it very much can be) and attach words like BOLD and DARK to help mask the inferior quality beans in our cup.

I argue that the romanticized idea of coffee has trickled down all the way through the supply chain down to tree level.

Coffee Bird feels a strong responsibility to represent the farmers voice. We feel that only when we can keep it real on all sides of the table can we really build win-win scenarios for both farmers and roasters and make meaningful change to these archaic systems.

We were really excited to share our perspective, the farmer's perspective. Thanks Kaffe Campus!


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